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U-Think TV is a platform where we encourage people to think for themselves and understand who they are through introspection and recognizing the systematic problems in Leadership. By recognizing the problems and being able to see them as they are through the skills developed from practicing introspection, people become capable of finding solutions and implementing change. Through U-Think TV, we are building a broader dialogue around selected unique scholarly ideas and bringing those ideas to the masses as an enlightening topic to make people aware of political, economic, and social issues and their answers

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With our rich history, diverse neighborhoods, and legacy of arts, culture, and education, ManoLead has something for everyone.


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With our rich history, diverse neighborhoods, and legacy of arts, culture, and education, ManoLead has something for everyone.

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Sep 07-2023


Introspective Leaders

Be more confident about testing your ideas, prioritizing your features, understanding yourself, building out your roadmap, and ultimately, managing yourself and team better.


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We bring our full range of original teaching and talent at the service of each and every one of you. We want to bring a splash of colour into a seemingly grey world and become a global leader in practice of mindfulness in the business world

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When the cognitive process is able to gain control over the blind but powerful affective process, the cognitive process experiences freedom from guilt and remorse, and therefore experience a sense of satisfaction and delight.

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It is important to understand that normal leaders started with a conflict between their blind emotions and the reality observed by the rational. The irrational emotions are playing havoc and the rational cognition is attempting to gain control over the difficult emotion.

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