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    Psychotherapy for Leaders

    The Art of [Mindful] Leader

    Conflict can be resolved only by undoing the personalization (anupadana) – Buddha (MN.24)

    The cognitive gets subordinated to the affective. The cognitive splits in to two – one taking the side of emotions and the other taking the side of thinking. Conflicts arose because people tend to personalize either the affective emotions or the cognitive reasoning. The power rested on the side personalized.


    Perception (Vinnana)
    [Activities of the nervous system of the body]

    Becoming aware of a mental image(rupa) identified through name or identity(nama). Any disturbance in the environment...


    Cognitive (EGO/Mano)
    [Conception, thinking, or reasoning]

    Cognition/Intellect precedes all experiences (DP,1). The sense experience also includes thoughts, concepts...


    Emotion/Affective (ID/Citta)[Emotional excitement ]

    “Emotions dominate the world, Emotions entice us all,Emotions is that one thing to which all are spellbound (SN 1. 62)”...

    Introspective [Leadership]

    How mindfulness with clear comprehension from early teachings of the Buddha cultivate wisdom?


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