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Our [First] Steps in History

The term “mindfulness” has been translated from the Pali term “Satipatthana” in the Pali-English Dictionary published in 1882 by the British scholar Dr. Rhys Davids after he traveled to Sri Lanka and studied the words of the Buddha. Dr. Davids visited Sri Lanka when the country was under British Colony. Due to the lack of accurate translation, the real message of the Buddha has not been conveyed to those who know the original teachings of the Buddha which is in Pali language. Thus, the real teaching of the Buddha is missing.

Although Dr. Davids deserves full credit on his excellent work of bringing the concept of mindfulness to the west, the time has now come to reveal clarity of the true mindfulness.

Manolead journey starts with


Life at Benedictine and beyond..


Research with Global Leaders and Doctoral Dissertation


Re-Introducing the Practice of [Original] Mindfulness with ManoLead Research Center


Research Centers in USA and Sri Lanka

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