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An Exceptional Approach to [Reducing Stress]

ManoLead coaching involves speeches and workshops on introspection that are specially designed to reduce stress in leaders. Our programs are based on extensive academic research on the influence of introspection on leadership, enabling organizations to utilize our coaching services confidently to make their leaders supernormal so that they can drive organizations to new heights.

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Mindfulness in [Leadership]

In the current global corporate culture, there is a fiercely growing demand to seek and implement mindfulness practices into global leadership roles in order to extract positive business outcomes. While it can be argued that the majority of corporate leaders are significantly successful while independent of these practices, it is only those who are both mindful and skillful that possess the ability to lead a corporation’s success that is not dependent on benchmarks based on the profit margin. Mindfulness practices enable leaders to develop perception through self-reflection concerning their personal ability to be cognizant of the present. Despite conventional global leaders’ outward strength and entrepreneurial ambition, those in positions of power still experience everyday human strains related to their leadership-corporate performance.


We Coach [Leaders] as Organizations Wish

Our introspection coaching for leaders is crafted to be flexible with the needs and time constraints of organizations.



We conduct regular podcasts on introspective leadership and introspection. Stay tuned for exciting episodes…



Bring inspiration to your events with speeches delivered by our experts on introspection and introspective leadership.



Letting Go of Self is a cornerstone book for learning about the original practice of mindfulness (introspection).



ManoLead Consultation is available for organizations at their own locations where introspection/mindfulness experts….



Conscious relaxation of tension for [Leaders]


Our aim is to raise the leaders’ consciousness to a level beyond a normal leader – [WE NATURE]


[Cultivation of universal benevolence]

For a leader, a healthy way of leadership is to maintain a tranquil mind and be dominated by reason and not by emotion. As explained by both Buddha and Sigmund Freud, all our emotions are self-centered. Unselfish good behavior is possible only when the mind is free of selfish emotions. Emotions are disturbances of the mind and body. When we practice cultivation of universal benevolence, a leader becomes interested in the welfare of others for their sake. True love and mental health is the absence of self-centered emotions.

Selective thinking for [Leaders]

It is important to understand that the emotion when aroused accompanies tension and discomfort in the body. Become aware of the tension and relax the tension consciously instead of releasing the tension in action unconsciously.

Delivering the [Practice of Mindfulness]

We help you with the original techniques of practicing mindfulness

We bring our full range of original teaching and talent at the service of each and every one of you. We want to bring a splash of colour into a seemingly grey world and become a global leader in practice of mindfulness in the business world

Add Practice of Mindfulness to your daily life

When the cognitive process is able to gain control over the blind but powerful affective process, the cognitive process experiences freedom from guilt and remorse, and therefore experience a sense of satisfaction and delight.

Help you to understand who you are

It is important to understand that normal leaders started with a conflict between their blind emotions and the reality observed by the rational. The irrational emotions are playing havoc and the rational cognition is attempting to gain control over the difficult emotion.


Mindfulness is the [Seventh Step] of the
Eight Step Process

Our practice of mindfulness is a progressive ascending of a flight of steps in the Supernormal Eight-fold Way known as The Noble Eightfold Path (ariya attangika magga). Aligning with Bhante Punnaji’s teaching, ManoLead uses the word Supernormal instead of the common term “Normal” because of the term ‘Ariya,” used by the Buddha means something above the normal. Our services and people set us apart. Everything we do to transform leaders are meticulously planned down to the finest details.

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    Our [Coaching] Plan

    Daily Sessions

    • Digital project planning
    • Planning Solution
    • Permanent and contract recruitment
    • New Digital Service Platform
    • Developers and technical architects

    1 Day Workshop

    • Digital project planning
    • Planning Solution
    • Permanent and contract recruitment
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    3 day workshop

    • Digital project planning
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    • Permanent and contract recruitment
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    • Developers and technical architects

    Customized Workshop

    • Digital project planning
    • Planning Solution
    • Permanent and contract recruitment
    • New Digital Service Platform
    • Developers and technical architects

    Our [Purpose] is to reduce stress in leaders and make them supernormal.

    ManoLead introspection coaching is developed based on proven results from extensive research. The research on which we have based our coaching has demonstrated that while introspection can certainly reduce stress in leaders, it can also cultivate leadership skills that are substantially beneficial for the well-being of organizations.

    more than a Research Center

    We Combine [Practice of Mindfulness] with Business Ideas

    What makes ManoLead unique is our focus on authentic and original teachings on the concept of introspection (mindfulness) based on the Supernormal Eightfold Way, while avoiding relying on interpretations and adulterated alternatives. To extend access to our research findings and original teachings about introspection, we have carefully curated them for you. Feel free to explore them here to increase your knowledge on the concept while practicing introspection to maximize your potential.


    do good


    Be good

    Psychotherapy for Leaders

    The Art of [Mindful] Leader

    Conflict can be resolved only by undoing the personalization (anupadana) – Buddha (MN.24)

    The cognitive gets subordinated to the affective. The cognitive splits into two – one taking the side of emotions and the other taking the side of thinking. Conflicts arise because people tend to personalize either the affective emotions or the cognitive reasoning. The power rested on the side personalized.


    Perception (Vinnana)
    [Activities of the nervous system of the body]

    Becoming aware of a mental image(rupa) identified through name or identity(nama). Any disturbance in the environment...


    Cognitive (EGO/Mano)
    [Conception, thinking, or reasoning]

    Cognition/Intellect precedes all experiences (DP,1). The sense experience also includes thoughts, concepts...


    Emotion/Affective (ID/Citta)[Emotional excitement ]

    “Emotions dominate the world, Emotions entice us all,Emotions is that one thing to which all are spellbound (SN 1. 62)”...

    Introspective [Leadership]

    How mindfulness with clear comprehension from early teachings of the Buddha cultivate wisdom?


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